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Can't find the time?

Can't find the words?

Don't know where to start?

Turn your story into a book.

As your one-stop online printing press, Gutenhag can help turn your idea into reality. 

Book Planning

Arrange a meeting with us to hash out the structure and arc of your book so you can get started writing!


Have an idea, but don't have the time or the words to turn it into a book? 
Let us do it for you!


Have a completed manuscript? Let us turn it into a book for you. Layout, design, printing, distributing, we do it all!

Why Choose Gutenhag?

Bespoke Service

We will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the process. 
What you need, we got you. 

Dedicated Team

We are committed to seeing your dream come to life.
We won't stop until your book is in your hands


From planning, to writing, to printing, to distributing. We do it all. 
We are a one-stop shop for all your book needs. 

We Are Readers Too

We want to help you put out books and stories that are enjoyable and worth reading

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Step 1 - You have an idea for a book

This idea can be anything. It does not even have to be a story. It just something you want to tell the world. 


Step 2 - You share your idea with us

Through the ghostwriting process, we take the time to understand what your idea is, and how to best present it through a book. 

In this process, we will sit down, have coffee and simply hear you out. Tell us everything you want written.


Step 3 - We Find You the Words

Once we understand the ideas and goals of your story, we will put it into words for you, using your voice

Take heart that even though you might not have written every word, the most important ones were provided by you. 

Your story remains yours.