Writing better

Here, we thought we would share a list of the tips that have helped us to write better essays. We hope this will help you as much as it did help us.

1. Write!

As hard as this sounds, we have found that instead of trying to figure out what the best way of expressing yourself is, it often helps to just write it out.

Instead of seeing writing as something that will be definite, see it instead as a way that you can process your thoughts. Writing is thinking as well!


2. Re-writing

Making your essays better is about writing, re-writing, and re-writing it yet again. Reading your essay once again can make a valuable difference to the final mark.

Look at your essay as a continuous conversation between your marker and yourself that never really ends until you submit it. Seeing it this way, you can always keep improving it.


3. Passing it to your friend for checking

It is often ideal if you can get a friend to check your work for you. If it doesn’t make sense to your friend, you should probably consider rewording it.



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