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I write this because I believe that every student can experience great success in what they do. It is my hope that this page supercharges your passion for your studies, and allows you to achieve the outcomes you desire. I say this as one who floundered in high school, before finding my feet again in high school. Before I came to university, I used to be a hopeless case. I was ranked the top 20% (from the bottom!) in my school, and never seemed to love what I was doing. But I stumbled on the work of Daniel Wong. His tips and advice provided me much help and I would highly recommend you to look at them!

However, I also recognise that there are certain problems with our education that needs to change.

Below, I add some of my own thoughts on what helped me, which I hope help you as well!

Being on track for a first-class is great, but I would like to encourage all of us to celebrate the process, not the product. Sir Ken Robinson’s words provide a chilling reminder of what education can destroy – our creativity. We cannot let our education merely become a rite of passage, where we complete our modules, graduate, and get a job.

Academic tips!

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Making the best out of university

That crucial difference between a 2:1 and a first!

Writing better

Discussing the purpose of our education

On education

Why grades don’t always matter

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