Book Development

Book Development

Writing a book is a difficult affair. Even before the first word is penned, there is a lot of work that must go into planning

Idea generation is only the first step. An idea must be developed into a mature story through research and refinement. Once there is a fully-formed core to serve as the foundation of the book, the structure, arcs and outline of the book must also be developed. 

A lot of work goes into writing a book, and not all of it is writing itself. All this developmental planning is important to give your book a strong foundation to rely on. If all goes well, there will not be a need for major revisions. 

But there will always be a need for the editing and revision process. Good books take time to craft, to slowly pare away at excess words, to fix minor flaws to finally allow the beautiful story to emerge from what was been written. 

The Problem

You have an idea and you want to start writing, but you don't know how or where to start

The Solution

Gutenhag will sit down with you to listen to your idea and help you refine it into a compelling story. We will help you develop the outline and structure of your book so that you can write assured that your words will not go to waste. 

Even after your first draft, Gutenhag provides editing services to give you an expert second opinion on what you have written. We will deliver well-intentioned, honest, constructive feedback to help you take your manuscript to the next level. 

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