goedemorgen looks at people through the lens of a camera, and delves beneath the surface of many of our processes, and things we often take for granted. Things like clean plates, cut flowers, beautiful landscapes… and it looks to provide the stories behind these people who toil behind the scenes, with little credit for what they do.

Gutenhag auntie

But far more than that, it’s a page that looks at the intricacies in life, life that seeks to be enjoyed first-hand, up close, and personal, instead of through the feeds of our friends, and the pixels on our phone. Sometimes, as our phones get smarter, do we not feel as if we are slowly becoming their slaves, rather than their master?

And more than just that, goedemorgen looks to preserve the beauty of Singapore through photographs, and words. Photographs seem to be magical. Just looking at them ships you to an alternate reality, touching souls in a way words cannot.

And words, let’s just say that it holds an enchanting allure for me. Seeing how language shape, mould and influence our thoughts, and being able to grasp its tiny nuances, the gentle alluring sashay of a word, or the fierce, harsh bark of an imperative fills me with a childlike excitement of discovering the world, one word at a time.

And I thought words were an incredible way to share these stories with you. As you read each story, I thought you would want to know that a lot more thought went into the delicate picking of each word. For each word breathes a different life into each unique story, and I wanted you to feel how I felt, as I wrote them.

The security guard

The cleaner