The Quarter Life Breakthrough

Finally, after 20 years of reading, I have finally realised that it is pointless to read so many books if one does not take the time to review them. Therefore, this collection of reviews is an attempt to encapsulate what I have learnt, together with its application for the lives of my readers.

Quarter Life Breakthrough, by Adam Poswolsky


We must never accept mediocrity.

Why would we accept anything less than excellence? Each and every day, when I went to work, I saw people who would be dragging their feet to work, seemingly chained by the bills, mortgages, and food they had to pay for. They would finish promptly at 5, and then go straight home. Why would we want to chain ourselves to work we don’t love? Why would we want to accept that? Adam writes that in order to find a path we love, we must first desire something better.

We must be intentional about our search.

Answers don’t come like that. Snap, at the click of your fingers, and the answer falls into your hands. Adam featured a list of questions we can think about to find greater alignment between our jobs and our passions. The questions below are adapted from Adam’s book and they would be well-worth a try.

Where your heart resides

What do you love about yourself?

How are you different from your friends?

What makes you, you?

What makes you weird?

Who do you want to show up as every day?

What memories do you have of when you were a kid?

What is your most sacred memory of spending time with a grandparent? Parent? Sibling?

What do you really lke to do?

What do you absolutely hate doing?
What was the last time you were really happy?
What was the last time you cried?


What moves you?

What do you care about?
What gets you fired up?

What social issues are you most passionate about?

What injustice infuriates you?

What challenge is worthy of your time?

What types of articles do you find yourself posting on Facebook/reading?

What personal life experiences have shaped your beliefs?

What happened that made you change the way you see the world?


Make a list of everything you’re good at.

Cross off things you don’t actually like doing. For the remaining items, what areas would you like deepening your knowledge? What types of classes do you need to take? What books do you need to read? What experts do you need to talk to?

Pick one thing on that list you need to deepen your knowledge of or start learning about – explore concrete ways to improve that skill.



What type of impact do you want to have?

What type of impact have you had in previous jobs?

Do you need to see the results of your work every day?

Do you need to have a face to face relationship with the people you’re serving?

We must take practical steps.

Adam lists many practical steps we can take in order to move closer towards our dreams. I would recommend the following he suggested:

  1. Find an accountability buddy

This person would constantly nag you about what you promised to do. Instead of letting you off the hook easily, he would remind you about your goals and dreams. Find him/her. It is vital to keep you on track. Adam suggested that this person be someone you aren’t too familiar with, so that they will not let you go easily with yet another excuse.

  1. 10-minute actions

Each day, think about simple 10-minute actions that you can take to move closer to the dream. And take it! Don’t just leave it on a sheet of paper.

  1. Self-love

Adam recommended self-love rituals such as taking yourself out for a date every week. Pursuing one’s dreams can be incredibly scary and difficult, and one must also take care of one’s body in the process. Simple activities such as exercise, treating yourself to a good meal weekly, reminds us that we are humans, and not robots. If we can’t even love ourselves, how can we love others?




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