Why Us?

Why use us? Here are 4 reasons why you should consider us.

We give back.

Forget how much this service costs. We do this because we believe it touches your lives, and it touches the lives of others as well. The money you pay us – we don’t spend it to sip Starbucks coffee. We spend it to touch the lives of those less fortunate. Last summer, John went to Peru for 6 weeks, volunteering in a school programme to motivate students. We believe that one’s ability to achieve should NEVER be hampered by one’s social background. We set students on the path to unlock their potential. We don’t merely give them the keys. We walk with them on that journey.

Our experience

We believe our experience with different languages allows us to understand how difficult it can be when your native language isn’t English. We know how it feels when there isn’t a direct translation for a word in another language in English. That’s why we think that beyond just correcting your grammar, proofreading is really about understanding you as a person, and what you want to say. 



We don’t believe in enriching our piggy bank just to serve you. That’s why we try our best to keep prices affordable so that you can use these services. Because at the end, we don’t believe that our services are to make our wallets fatter, but to improve your own academic studies.



We don’t like boasting, but a student that we had been working with recently topped her cohort. Seeing her do so well made us really glad, because it showed that our person-centred approach to helping worked. We don’t merely focus on all the mistakes that you make, but we also emphasize on the strengths and improvements that you have made since the last time we worked with you.

It also means that our students keep coming back again and again, because they find us so helpful. We hope you would as well 🙂



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